Result Based Monitoring And Evaluation | Methodology for verification

Result based monitoring and evaluation and Methodology for verification of deliverable results

Real time data at output level are collected through mobile phone. It helps to get information about GPS locations as well.

At PNGO level the M&E Officers can validate information instantly by checking the consistency of data sets. Based on the information of GPS locations they can also verify data by visiting the spots.

Result based monitoring and evaluation

At organizational level we can check the consistency of data sets as well, as soon as it gets approved by the PNGO Managers.

As information of locations where the outputs are delivered is available it’s also possible for us to verify data by visits and reviewing various documents ie CBO register, application forms for the facilities, social map.

It’s also possible to check the validity of information by a phone call to relevant persons as their cell numbers are available with the data sets. 

To assess the outcome of the project appropriate triangulation in data collection methods will be done to maximise the validity and reliability of information.

Md. Kaysar Kabir

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