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okay so welcome everyone to mar between an evaluation of projects so today's webinar presentation by tima great tract consulting consisting of myself my name is gulo magic dog okay my name is it fellows gdb talk so welcome everyone we are so pleased to have you with us today's program you know the program is going to be very informative especially if you work on projects it's going to be a very committed one we want you to take away every distraction you know make sure that you have a piece of paper to write with in the next 40 minutes we should be able to you know finish with you so I'm so make sure not something like myself conducting you know this presentation so let's learn about you I believe maybe catching this on youtube or you may just be watching it on social media share with us you work on projects have you conducted a monkey for your project in the past if you have do let us know would love to learn more about you so who we are we are right track Consulting a consultant I'm drinking from the in Abuja Nigeria also because you know in several other locations that we'll be operating for the past nine years since 2008 we offer over 50 plus online and classroom courses in project management procurement and contract management Lean Six Sigma you know and so on and so forth as of today we've trained and consulted for over 4,500 people you know any training we have spent over 15,000 hours this past nine years is over eighteen countries right now we'll be taking generally of 24 the ranges from small businesses to multinational companies public and the public sector entities different ministries departments and agencies and also international and local NGOs as services include put a management advisory services consulting services management really need we also conduct certification exam preparation you know it gives all what to move ahead to be certified we have several certification exams we'll conduct in our facility then we also have software implementation you know my project software quality management software Invitational service system provide to organizations and so on so only a right track we know that Millennials love to learn anyway and all of that traditional classes are fine but we also want to reach and so so we have not brutal management helps you come up to speed and actually deliver professionally on your projects you know suddenly become a valuable member of your team particularly right now with with stuff in beta testing some of these courses you know because the Pelican consuming two hours in one hour you know how you are able to build so what you offer your organization welcome back Korea a bicycle to schedule a 15 minutes session with us you know after this video with the link over they discover right track you know once you follow this link you could schedule a session and good cavity on several areas of what it could do with your career especially if you're you know one that was so far with what you're doing so let's go ahead what we'll talk about today so they're having to talk about several things definition of monetary and information importance of its to the projects then we're going to look at monitoring and evaluation tools methods and how you would approach it and we'll talk briefly about how to grow your career in monitoring and evaluation and then we'll talk about masterclass the monofin and a publishing house and we have a free you know free offer for you if you stick around you know till the end so what the purpose of monitoring and evaluation day this popular saying that you know it comes money what we can measure if you have a project and over the era in measures how far have we come from our objectives you know we really do what the objectives of the project was all about and so on so that's what the main purpose of monitoring and evaluation and we have projects functions disposal wants to know that there are resources was used to disgusting you know this resources must always be Molly could be the resources that are straight resorts to key stakeholders improve project delivery and sure accountability so these are some of the things we'll be talking about so let's move on to my copy – thank you so I will move quickly to the synopsis than just a case study on what we are talking about major evolution projects so when does assume a impeded manager for a project which is with the mission is to ensure ownership – of my next limit technical augment or in the community or in hostile area so you're not building and showing that people like for me everyone owns mosquito nets this way sure there is no failure so you okay so as yeah you might not be involved in distribution of my students but you have said sure that you're seen she puts in some bug that taxi for the mission so ensure that maybe the overall mission is new material yes I should I care simply to see adequate of opportunites you are so basically you seem regulating finance data is shared the mosquito nets it collects okay I mean must necessarily I mean we share monthly how many households uses and cupid's that it all said it's other people happy about the students they have any queries they have that so basically information so you compare those information or data you compare if let's track the progress of the project or program ensure this compliance and then if there is any company you address it I can address any barrier so the initial plan so that models talking about this pass a class there so basically this needs to watch money trains monitoring in a systematic I would steam collection of information from projects and programs so basically you collect information you track the information okay does this go according to plan so even the four main purposes of monitoring its learn from experience and same practices and exhibits in the future so you've gotta information and then put it in a document called lessons lessons basically as the name implies lessons learned so your project you can never use a new product you don't have inside line so as you go on you gotta information to make future to make future projects exact sound boy efficient so when you monitor regularly comes easier we have future products be more successful then also another purpose of monitoring in scientist is to have internal and external accountability of the resources views and results of 10 nobody in this life once with money need I have stakeholders or your internal team so when you monitor each other every single mrs. Wetherby time money humorous every single resources puts proper and adequate skills and collects proper adequate results so my wingman without monitoring how does it will do what's find a useful way you maintain a now okay testicular that okay every single resource means money then you take it constitutions or the future of the initiative like I said in the first point we get message there lessons learned it helps you make better decisions in the future then promote empowerment of beneficiaries of the initiative my tiny qualities ax you uses you ensure that when you are doing another projects for another fails you make better decisions for the people that benefit from whatever protection to it so let's consider a stir so at the end of the projects you've been collecting information you'd be monitoring the progress if you say okay times if you've seen next week given the city so to start so called in that next door we are made by solids so there's like that I don't have to protect it now cut out all this information it gets it for my turn which with this project well what's it so the degree evaluation is to collect information the way ok what can we do in welcoming do better in the future was this product works is it meets targets was the fondants efficient and I customized on the beneficiary satisfied is transmission kissy-poo or sustainable no one was funding project a sustainable future so when we evaluate gets information like this so immediately definition of a relation is systematic it is systematic undersink collection of information from products and programs so it uses to find out you to a mean fun strategic decisions to improve the projects and program for the future so when you the all the information all the data you analyze it slightly to make better decisions in the future so something that's very important do you never they show you have satisfy strategic questions to drop officials area that we B so these questions are relevant about one relevant to the objectives and goals and heart problems and in some in address so before you implement for any mean program of projects you have to do needs assessments so this framework blood now needs assessment to date sorry is it today make sense so things like that and then it back seen us on the projects so what extent the same dimension achieve the objectives this is a very important question because you don't want to just do then efficiency is important to providing a timely and cost-effective manner those adoption really have to do with the beneficiary this has to make other stakeholders to find out the people that bring money so they want to know that okay this product are doing is it timely is it cost effective and they give you more money and trust that you will use it effectively if officials efficiently search then the impact what's happened at the result of the projects this is very important because infrared got any impacts it's very instant so yes I shut up okay the production consumption rates of malaria in the community produced by the rid of the malaria is produced by a certain percentage so that's it for impact then sustainability which is the last one yes I shut up there is a last leaf it's no Hamas does funding project at 2002 and it has to be a lasting effect that would move from move fro from time to time soon yes I show that the protected right man vaccine efficient impactful introduction to project how and what we would depart into them when we do the past past training so the first one the first to the logical framework if you are in the hello international development that is so that is used and it was developed by USAID and it's used by the world lag did my NGO from satellites so the logical framework just helps you to clarify the program's objectives okay so the logical framework is the methodology really just helps you to define what each objective of the program who do intense of it looks like it's objective to analyze okay look at the imputes meaning what do we need to achieve this objective it looks at the process what processes are we going to use to achieve it what will be the output of this objective so when we are done what would we have at the end of it and whatever outcomes it loses you know the results because the results helps us to measure to see if you know our actual as much off to our trying to indicators and then we also talked surrounding impacts so we want to look at the impacts of a particular object in what effect did it have do they have a positive effect they have a negative effect didn't have intended effects unknown incentive effects so that is what you know the logical framework is very good especially in the planetary in just making sure that you have a baseline okay as you're coming up with a plan it gives you a baseline that you can use to measure eventually that's the baseline that you would use in your monitoring and in your evaluation so it's again a very widely used tool and if you want to point to this you really need to be comfortable in it the next one is performance indicators performance indicators are key metrics and that's the program that you would use to measure how effective or how relevant the impact of the program so their key metric key things that you know you want to try based on your maybe your metrics might be incentive expenditures how well you know cost when wanting another way you can you know another indicator time you know can be in terms of you know the photo itself speak how quickly wait was this did you see results how quickly did you see an impact here on you know the community with the project so that's the leo performance indicators and the next one is your theory based upon visions a theory based evaluations looks at your project from different point of views so it does it's not looking at just linear relationships right like exactly in our synopsis you know talking about K why I wanted but other factors that can basically use almost overall a musketoon it so we can look at factors like education and the literacy level of that community can affect use and religion is another factor agenda you know these are the same gender issues these are things that you know that you can use the help you come up with a better way of you know analyzing the impacts the outcome the relevancy amount of things a comment of the program it is also a very issue for planning and it helps you to identify any potential risk because we're able to look at other points of view that's me or may not have an impact on the project to you're able to identify factors that could affect it you know and then you come up with a plan how it were to control those factors how you gonna make you know things very good and they help you to prioritize your issues these are that we know how to rank you know which outcomes to focus on okay the first one is for masteries Asami and just customized you know sense of information that you would use to gather data from it success of people so instead of gathering information from an entire population you can pick a subset and this survey is customized we have a structure it has little specific information that we're looking for so it is very targeted to that population and surveys are good but they take a long time because depending on how many people you are so very thematic for us to analyze you able to collect the data from them then you know puts the data in a way that you can interpret it in a way that makes sense I just analyzing is to see if you can find any correlation if you can finally you know cause and effect if you can find any relationships between you know your program and you know all the hackers in that population so the surveys have that the different types of surveys there is the tall wealthy indicator question here and see the VIU and what the help they have this a survey the survey that we in fact so show in the indicators so social indicators like in having series literacy levels property levels and things like that those are those kinds of so many other surveys that you have to look at the standard living standard of living of the beneficiaries okay so this way you're trying to see you know how well maybe how well-made living how much what the income is the level of education and the you know the food that they you know what they're exposed to essentially okay the next type of tool is a cost cost-effectiveness analysis okay so this is where you're trying to measure the value thank you the project is given to the cost of running the program so you try to make sure that it no no it is 15s that's an amount of money that they get in and that value it can be tangible like for example with the cost benefits up with the cost benefit analysis the the articles and the input is quantitative meaning there needs to be you know there's a monetary value for it but with cost-effectiveness analysis the output is not monetary so you know leaves you looking at none of monetary value smile baby satisfaction or things like that so that is cost-benefit analysis we make sure that the investment is worthless and then impact evaluation with impact evaluation and we want to find out you know the actual the effect of this project or your program is this a negative effect when they were they things that people that we know directly we listen to the program and we're were there some effects that came up as a result of the program so the impact evaluation goes del t into those effects and then there's participatory methods participatory methods and just helps to ensure that every stakeholder in and we do that that is impacted by that project is involved in the planning in the monitoring and evaluation in pretty much every aspect of the project so this is where you know for example in our synopsis you might want to involve like you know the cheeks the look of these chips involved desires you know the market leader marketplace and any association any simple servic service organizations in areas that is directly involved civil society organizations that are directly involved with the community that project is intended for your involvement in a planning in the monitoring and evaluation so that they can take ownership of the success of the project if they can succeed in setting objectives if they participate in the actual work the implementation of the program then the few isness of ownership involved and also collecting the data it making sure that you know the response the initiative is working and there and they also give you feedback on what's not working so that you always can be changes and then the final one in rapid appraisal method this one is it helps you to get a quick feedback you can only turn around like the service which they take a long time before you finally understand what's going on the rapid appraisal mm to go out there directly to that community and get information from them whether it's through observation do you know observations just walking around whether it's doing interviewing the beneficiaries or you know the community leaders and whether it is through focus groups so at this point you are getting information right there you know and that information can help you make decisions immediately the only thing is our society information when you get might be subjective in might not be completely accurate might not paint the entire picture but the only good thing like I said so that is a good thing about the rapid so like I said I'll just quickly run through this members in our training we go deeper into them we go into how to use it once bigger to connect our project you know how to use it in various types of projects okay so if you listen to this you're either evolving in projects or you look it's you and two more monitoring and evaluation your tracking skills in this area and this is a fast-growing area especially in the international development circle so if you know you're looking to get more interviews and we are wherever you recommendation the first thing I'm going to let you get some training especially if you're a newbie or even if you're working on a project and haven't done one unit of attribution you need some training because this is work that you know not only requires head rolling in with myself kind of skills need to be able to you know you need to be good with numbers you need to know quantitative data so get some training like the kind of training that we offering we hustle to you because we go in to give you a good completely giving comprehensive training on you know how to products monitoring so get some training and you know it's a few days a few days training and it will jumpstart your career and was I encourage you to participation or just hopefully from our training you know this is a chance for you to jump in and show off that knowledge you know another day you know we can do this better you know this is how agencies are looking for they trap should be protector to them so this is time for you to hone your skills in that area so make sure you participate if you have in consulta mi people sorta you know volunteer to help them out and provide assistance to them help them collect data of them set aside the daily note that analyzing help them conceive arises in a way that we set and then trying to a join of or need to enjoy an association of network there is a lot of groups on on unity that's to ever be and it's a good place for you to just know what is going on in the industry so you know who is what you never know you know and then finally just go for it apply for jobs you know make sure that your resume and highlights see like if you don't training I'm training on your resume if you you know what I mean be sure your highlights that your resume okay some kind of experience of that and then you know as solo ways that you need certain skills like I said this is not something and then you need so you need some knowledge you really need to have you know actists it so you need to be good with research marketing I know I know and I wanted a video with as low is as happy don't research and do you know how to put together a research experiment you know how to legs – you don't – analyzing you don't have to present it so that's equal to skill to have and reports writing we also need to be good we use the statistical software and there are 7-1 meetings at which we also offer training for we have hands-on training on how to use military quickly or is a good statistical software so definitely take advantage of that opportunity and then in addition to that examining visited by so should be able to assist people want to feel or if you are going to leave that initiative you need to know how to pull out information from people need to know the right questions to ask you need to know you know how to follow up on any answer that they give you a positive mind enemy specialized knowledge and we know that in the NGO different areas of specialization right we don't know it you can specialize whether its global health whether it is you know educational nutrition you don't think in gender equality like that you know community hell just bitch level eat up on those everything on the salmon you can't speak on it if your color maybe they get into it so again I just wanted to give you a snippet of what to expect in our classes in our trust them the master class that we have in the surveys yes this next month the first week in July again is a three four-day cost very hands-on use a case study so to really break it down the body so yes we are offering it on a 747 well it will use at a study to really help you understand the four stages in monitoring and control what we that is going to explain the methods different methods approaches are the tools and they can use will show you what kind of data to collect how to collect it and how to apply read enter a two-minute ha that is detailed course a separate cost of limit are people interested will give you just a little bit of an intro into Minitab on how to analyze data and those people just give you a framework for something tangible that when you go through your organization monitoring and evaluating projects so that's you know this is again to the outline of what you will expect exactly how project so again still continuation like I said give your snippets on these maps and even use you know some of these experience sampling you know 10 that confidence level again doesn't make sure if you want a detailed course that is separate if you need any advice or questions on this please schedule a 50-minute section with us we are available to help and we have worked with organizational NGOs so we know what they're looking for Noah returns to get more be able to point you in the right direction so our training offer we're given a 10% ended bird discount and % the very start from now before okay 30th of November so last 10% so we have about two weeks essentially and the cost is more twenty thousand era just send us an email we'll give you immense information location it in a second and it will be in a future and we also have discounts for groups of three or more and gets even more discount and we would also eventually working on an online version that you can listen to in your own time okay thank you so questions and answers yes it may not be we want to share but if you know questions the clarity on these feel free to comment beneath the video and we'll always take and look at it as soon as we can so thank you so much for you know joining in today emily has been valuable to you and your team members you can access questions leave them you know using an email address into a private console at this phone number on your screen when is the mother of city will also access for cost tax alone so thank you so much [Music]

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