M&E system reflection questions

M&E system reflection questions

Do you have all of the information and results required to make projectrelated decisions and track project progress? If not, how can you adjust the
M&E system to meet all information needs?

Is the M&E system currently collecting data that you are not using? If so,
what can be removed or simplified so that no data are collected that are
not used?
Are you able to track the progress and impact separately for key
comparison groups (communities, households, men and women) as
required? If not, how can you build this into the M&E system?
Does your M&E system provide a useful balance of qualitative and
quantitative data? If the results are too numbers-focused and do not
provide enough contextual information or explanation, how can you
collect more qualitative data? If the results do not provide enough
numbers to meet your information and reporting needs, how can you
collect more quantitative data?

Md. Kaysar Kabir

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