Basic Monitoring & Evaluation Concepts: relationship between monitoring and evaluation for projects

what is the relationship between monitoring and evaluation I am your host coach Alexander and welcome to MN e made simple which is a YouTube channel explicitly designed to cater for all your monitoring and evaluation needs today we'll be considering a topic which isn't new but does get asked a lot even by the well experienced M & E personnel we are talking about the differences and relationship between monitoring and evaluation now there is one thing you need to understand monitoring and evaluation are two different entities in fact when you look at even just the definition of monitoring and evaluation they are two different although some people tend to use them in touch an inter changeably you actually discover in practice they do they serve different functions and needs but to start with I want to proceed with this presentation in a very systematic way and if you've been looking at my past videos on this channel you discover that I like using Google a lot because Google has a lot of literature on so many stuff if you just type monitoring and evaluation or you just type indicators or you just type pizza or cake things data that come into your mind you'll find a lot of things of Google which I think you know by now but in the M&D field there's so much literature so let's get down to business now I was privileged to search on the internet and I found this image which clearly defines monitoring and evaluation and tells us exactly what these mean so in terms of monitoring then it gives us the objective and the methodology in terms of evaluation it gives us also the objective and the methodology so let's start with monitoring the objective of monitoring is to track changes from baseline conditions to desired outcomes okay then evaluation sets to validate what results were achieved and how and why they were or we're not achieved so now have you already noticed the relationship between monitoring and evaluation based on this objective alone you see folks in every program or project there are activities that are implemented day by day month by month until the year ends and then you go to nad at another year until the program ends now monitoring would track changes from the baseline condition so when they say baseline from the start of the program to the end of the program so as the monitoring is being done this could be done either quarterly semi-annually depending on how the mnd plan has designed things in a nutshell what this is saying is that when this changes at captured they are going to be reported on and it is when these reports monitoring reports are written management as opposed to take informed decisions they're supposed to see from these reports whether there are any intended results being achieved if the results are not been achieved in adjustments may need to be made in order to get to the target switch their program had been designed designed designed sorry so as soon as the monitoring function takes place from the start of the program to the end of the program or even within the program then there's what we call the evaluation so the results which are captured from the monitoring feed into the evaluation because they it says evaluate the objective opening and evaluation is to value by the date what results were achieved so the reports that come from the monitoring site will be validated in this evaluation okay and when because you know evaluations are done by independent people this could be consultants in most cases these are consultants anyway so when these consultants do the evaluation they'll come and get hold of the monitoring reports read through them and then go back to the field or wherever this information was being captured they'll validate it now it is in this validation process and the interpretation of findings that they'll come to understand how and why they were or we're not achieved so in short the relationship here is that monitoring feeds into the evaluation that is one relationship now in terms of methodology let's see if we can get a relationship in the methodology methodology say monitoring in terms of methodology tracks and assesses performance through analysis and comparison of indicators over time then the evaluation evaluates achievement or outcomes by comparing indicators before and after the intervention involves value judgment relies on monitoring data and information from external sources so you can already see it's nowhere far from what we were discussing because here it says it relies on monitoring data which comes from the monitoring reports and I here so what this is telling us is that the monitoring is more like the younger brother to the evaluation or evaluation is the bigger brother but these two are related because this one fits into the evaluation and it is through this feeding process that an informed decisions or conclusions can be made as to the success or failure of the program but really to tell you the truth programs don't really fail because you know the truth of the matter is that when people come up with a program or project the intention is to select to register a success to get the results that have been outlined in the project document in the program document however if those results are not achieved it doesn't necessarily mean that there has been a failure but it only means that it's a learning process of what can be done better so we see that evaluation cut as for that it even offers recommendations on how best in future better programs can be made in order to achieved the intended targets so that's all I had for you this day my name has been coach Alexander and see you on the other side

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