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Monitoring and Evaluation for Projects okay so welcome everyone to mar between an evaluation of projects so today's webinar presentation by tima great tract consulting consisting of myself my name is gulo magic dog okay my name is it fellows gdb talk so welcome everyone we are so pleased to have you with us today's program you know the […]

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Basic Monitoring & Evaluation Concepts: relationship between monitoring and evaluation for projects what is the relationship between monitoring and evaluation I am your host coach Alexander and welcome to MN e made simple which is a YouTube channel explicitly designed to cater for all your monitoring and evaluation needs today we'll be considering a topic which isn't new but does get asked a lot even by […]

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Result Based Monitoring And Evaluation | Methodology for verification

Result based monitoring and evaluation and Methodology for verification of deliverable resultsReal time data at output level are collected through mobile phone. It helps to get information about GPS locations as well. At PNGO level the M&E Officers can validate information instantly by checking the consistency of data sets. Based on the information of GPS locations […]

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