kaysar kobir

Kaysar Kobir, a development professional in Bangladesh with ten years of experience in programme management, monitoring and evaluation, and data analysis. Currently working in WaterAid as Programme Officer, Monitoring and Evaluation. I have experienced working in both national and international development organizations as an M&E personnel and data analyst at different capacities.

I have a couple of Masters in Statistics and Business Administration, and a two-year long Higher Diploma in Software Engineering. Certified in different courses like SPSS, GIS, Web application and Android application development. The Ultimate Interest in SEO, SMM and Affiliate Marketing. Specialized in MIS as well as Monitoring and Evaluation Sector.

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Planning, Monitoring And Evaluation With MIS

The Power Of Measuring Results

If you do not measure results, you can not tell success from failure. If you can not see success, you can not reward it. If you can not reward success, you are probably rewarding failure. If you can not see success, you can not learn from it. If you can not recognize failure, you can not correct it. if you can demonstrate results, you can win public support.


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